Kybella (1st treatment) – $2400
Kybella (2nd &/or 3rd treatments – $500 for each additional vial

Kybella is a new injectable approved by the FDA for the treatment of moderate to severe fat under the chin (aka the double chin). Until now the only option for fat removal under the chin was liposuction or surgically removing the fat by cutting it out.

It is the first ever non-surgical option for dissolving double chin fat. The problem of a double chin affects both men and women of all ages. Liquid Lyft’s provider, Jennifer, frequently meets with clients ranging in age from their 20s-30s up to 50s who are frustrated and embarrassed with their double chin.

Kybella is a manufactured form of Deoxycholic acid, which is naturally produced in our bodies. Naturally producing Deoxycholic acid helps the body absorb fat cells. When injected into tissue, the injectable physically destroys the cell membrane. When properly injected into submental fat under the chin, it destroys fat cells getting rid of double chin fat.

Is it right for you if:

  • You’re bothered (unhappy, self-conscious, embarrassed) by fat under the chin, also known as submental fullness
  • You feel the condition makes you look older or heavier than you actually are
  • You don’t want to have surgery
  • You eat well and exercise, but submental fullness does not go away

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